Sensei Masakazu Kuramoto, 8th Dan

TOGKF Honbu Dojo Instructor

Masakazu Kuramoto Sensei is also originally from the Yoyogi Dojo era and despite having
had until recently a busy working life, he returned to Okinawa and the Higaonna Dojo to
assist Sensei Higaonna while he was away travelling.

A former personal secretary to Governor Junji Nishime of Okinawa and a career diplomat, he has been a student of Higaonna Sensei for 40 years, since joining the well-known Yoyogi
Dojo in Tokyo during his university years. He speaks very good English. He is excited to
welcome you to his home of Okinawa.

He maintains a very high fitness level by training for 4-5 hours every day. He has taught at
seminars in Okinawa with Higaonna Sensei since 2010.

Sensei Kuramoto also travels abroad regularly where he teaches Gasshukus in many
different countries all around the world. When he is back in Okinawa, he usually takes
regular classes at TOGKF Hombu Dojo

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