Sensei Michal Macák, 5th Dan

Senior Instructor of TOGKF Slovakia

Sensei Michal started Karate in September 1991. For fifteen years, he devoted himself to
sports karate (Goju-Kai), participated in local competitions as a regional referee. During this
period he also trained other martial arts such as Aikido, Judo, Ju-Jutsu and Kobudo.

In 2005, Sensei Igor Vakoš invited him to a seminar in the Czech Republic, where he first
met traditional Okinawan Karate. After a few years, they got in touch with sensei Raoul Vogel from Vienna and embarked on a great journey of Karate and friendship with sensei Raoul, with whom they traveled a very long way and took their Karate to another level. The highlight of Michal´s Karate journey is the meeting of Sensei Higaonna, Laubscher and Vogel.

Currently, Michal regularly travels to Vienna for training sessions at the Vienna Dojo, which
are led by sensei Raoul and sensei Ilona. He participates in international seminars as a
trainee but also as an instructor. Given that Michal was never a talent for sports, he
appreciates everyone´s willingness to continue and develop. „It doesn´t matter where you start or how long your route is, what matters is where you get to“

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