Sensei Tomasz Siewkowski, 6th Dan

Chief Instructor of TOGKF Poland

Sensei Tomasz Siewkowski, started training in 1990. He is a qualified instructor with self-
defense and Goju-Ryu karate instructor qualifications granted by the Minister of National
Education and Sport.

He has been conducting Karate classes since 1997. He really likes working with children and
teenagers and besides regular trainings in his home town Bydgoszcz, he also organizes training camps and Gasshukus. On those events Sensei Tomasz regularly invites Senior Instructors from all over the world so his students have direct access to the knowledge and
experience. His passion remains learning and perfecting Martial Arts.

One of his greatest successes was the organization of an International Gasshuku in Poland
with his Karate Master and Karate legend, Sensei Morio Higaonna from Okinawa.
Sensei Tomasz travels around Poland, where he helps his clubs to improve and also very
often participates in trainings outside the country. This guarantees continuous development of the instructor and, consequently, his students.

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