Sensei Victor Panasiuk, 8th Dan

Chief Instructor of TOGKF Moldova

Sensei Victor Panasiuk has been training in Karate since the age of 14. He started with sport
Karate. In 1987 he went to Alma-Ata and his friends showed him a few movements from
Goju Ryu. Sensei Victor just fell in love with this style.

In 1989, Master Morio Higaonna went to Alma-Ata where Sensei Victor was on the floor.
First, Higaonna Sensei almost did not pay attention to him, and he found the situation
disconcerting. Only later did he realize that this was part of the training.

For him the Goju Ryu is system not only physical survival, but also spiritual purification.
However, he loves the practical aspects of Karate. Accordingly, he really favours partner

Except for Karate, Sensei Victor is an eager practitioner of Kung Fu White Crane style.

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